The Hollywood Fair

The organisers of the famous Hill Billy Tractor Road Run, Harry Farrington and Martin Byrne have come together with a group of enthusiasts in and around Co. Wicklow to turn the years back at Hollywood.

Starting on 19th August for three days, Hollywood village is going back in time to an era when people had to be self-reliant and traditional crafts were part of everyday life. Major social events in rural communities were Fair Days, Mass on a Sunday morning and not forgetting the Ballroom of Romance.

Over the weekend of August 19th, 20th and 21st August 2011 the Hollywood Fair will be held in the village of Hollywood, Co Wicklow. The fair is to be a pre-1950s event with the main era concentrating on the mid-1930s and into the 40s. The whole village will be turned back in time; the streets will be full of horses and carts as well as period vehicles. The village people will all be dressed in period costume with many of the villagers carrying out period activities such as story telling and selling home grown produce. Visitors to the fair are encouraged to join in the fun and dress up accordingly!

Hollywood was famous up until the mid-1960s for its sheep fair, once again the fair will be run as it was some 60 years ago.

Other attractions will include steam engines undertaking agricultural activities, whilst Standard Fordson tractors which were popular in that era will be threshing corn and working on other farm jobs.

For further details and for a full programme of the events at the fair, please visit or call Harry Farrington on 08764 10685.


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