Talk by ‘Allegiances Compromised’ author Michael Whelan

Award winning local historian and author Michael Whelan will give a lecture entitled Allegiances Compromised: Ex-British Soldiers in the Irish Army 1913-1924 at the County Library, Tallaght next Tuesday evening, 27th September at 7:00 p.m.

South Dublin Libraries published Michael’s book of the same title this summer, and it explores the stories of Irish men who fought in the British Army in World War I, and then returned home and joined the effort to fight for Ireland’s independence. Their military expertise and war experience were invaluable to the Volunteers and the Irish Army, yet they were treated with suspicion and, in some cases, contempt by their fellow Irishmen for their perceived disloyalty.

Michael Whelan has been a serving member of the Irish Air Corps for twenty-one years. He was served with the United Nations Peacekeeping forces in Lebanon and with the Peace Enforcement forces in Kosovo. He works at Casement Aerodrome where he is the curator of the Air Corps Museum and Heritage Project. He is also the author of The Battle of Jadotville: Irish Soldiers in Combat in the Congo, 1961 published by South Dublin Libraries in 2006.

All are welcome to this event!


One thought on “Talk by ‘Allegiances Compromised’ author Michael Whelan

  1. Dear Mr Whelan,

    I have been wondering if you are related to me as my Great great Grandfather was Michael Whelen.
    He lived in Dublin and one of his daughters was called Mary Ann Whelen.
    Mary Ann married William Matthews and they came to live in Holywell,North Wales where he was the local Sargeant for many years.
    Michael Whelen was born in 1810.

    Thank you for reading this.

    Louise Wynne Jones.

    If you do have any information my email address is;

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