Ireland’s Revolutionary Period Digital Archive

Around this time last year, we in Local Studies embarked on a project to expand on our existing archive of 1916 Rising items hosted on our digital archive Source ( Since then, many of you have been in contact offering us the opportunity to photograph and scan your precious heirlooms. Many thanks to all; we are delighted to have been given the opportunity to digitally acquire some literally priceless items. We would also like to acknowledge the generosity shown by the organisations and companies who have given freely of their time and their collections.

The archive has now been expanded to cover the whole Revolutionary Period of 1913 to 1922 and afterwards, including some interesting items pertaining to the 1936 and 1966 anniversaries. At the time of writing, 730 items have been collected, identified and catalogued, with much more to come.

Courtesy of the Capuchin Friars
Courtesy of the Capuchin Friars

Items we have acquired will be released to the public on the Source archive just before the upcoming anniversaries. The archive will be a “one stop shop” of original material, some previously unpublished, and will be invaluable to the student, the researcher and the curious amateur historian alike.

To give a flavour of the collection, some items from 1913 have already been published and are publicly available on the Source archive. These items include an Irish Independent poster announcing the arrest of Jim Larkin, a British proclamation prohibiting a “Seditious Assembly” in Sackville Street and an original copy of the “1913 Report into the Housing Conditions of the Working Classes in the City of Dublin” which contains graphic accounts (including photographs) of the brutal living conditions under which the working class citizens of Dublin lived, and which contributed in no small way to the social unrest of that year.

Pearse Memorium Card, courtesy of The Capuchin Friars
Pearse Memorium Card, courtesy of The Capuchin Friars

Regarding the rest of the collection, it would be impossible to list everything here, but highlights will include:

• Postcards and Postal Ephemera from 1916
• Previously unpublished photographs of Free State Army actions in Dublin against the “Irregulars”
• A series of “Then and Now” images based on original archive material superimposed onto modern views
• Photographs of the weapons used by the combatants from 1916 onwards
• Detailed close-ups of the medals issued to veterans of the period
• Contemporary Souvenir Photograph Albums showing many seldom-seen views of Dublin City and the destruction wrought
by both the British, and later, the Free State Army.
• A large collection of Anti-Free State propaganda pamphlets from the Civil War

Many thanks to those who answered our call, and if there is anyone out there with relevant items we are still keen to photograph or scan these. You can contact Dave Power on 01 4597834 or


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