Bratacha 2013: Festival of Flags & Emblems

__CCPZTF_8fd28d1fa00947d5a5bc9d885a7c8266__pBRATACHA 2013 is a FESTIVAL OF FLAGS & EMBLEMS exploring the History,
Heritage, Culture and Identities associated with Flags and Emblems to
be held in Dún Laoghaire from May 9th (EUROPE DAY) to May 11th
2013 [‘Bratacha’ is the Irish language word for ‘flags’]

o Flags of the past, present and future
o Flags of nations, regions, organisations, corporate
entities, families
o Flags of diversity and inclusiveness
o Flags of dissent, of protest, and of unity
o Flags of war, battle, peace

Festival events will include Lectures and Seminars, a parade of flags and bands, a concert of music of battle with associated flags, a genealogy/ history village and exhibitions of flags and emblems. Flag-bearing organisations of all types will be encouraged to participate in the parade.

The town will be bedecked with flags and an herbaceous exhibit depicting all of the flags of Europe will be opened at Cabinteely House, Cabinteely on Europe Day May 9th.

All nationalities living in Ireland are invited to come to Dún Laoghaire,gather under their Home Country Flag, maybe wear their National Dress and participate in the Bratacha parade of flags on the afternoon of Saturday 11 May.

Full programme of events available here: Bratacha Exhibition of Flags and Emblems 2013


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