Survey of Thatched Cottages in Dublin

South Dublin Libraries has added a 1986 survey of thatched cottages in Dublin to our digital archive, Source. The study was carried out by the Office of Public Works. Over eighty properties were surveyed in varying states, from well manicured thatched homes to derelict sites which lie in ruins.

The Thatch, Clonsilla.

The Thatch, Clonsilla.

One of the joys in uploading this to the collection was seeing how the cottages have fared in the intervening twenty eight years, when mapping their positions on Google Maps. You can have a look for yourself on Google Street View. Some buildings have disappeared altogether like The Thatch, a newsagent in Clonsilla, while others gladly survive and are joyfully maintained like the Rathcoole Inn, Dublin’s only two storey thatched pub.

The Rathcoole Inn, 1986

The Rathcoole Inn, 1986

The majority of dwellings contained within the survey are from north County Dublin in Rush, Lusk, Skerries and Donabate while South County Dublin is also represented with dwellings in Saggart, Loughlinstown and in Rathcoole. Despite claims that thatching is a dying art there is a long list of thatchers working in Ireland and this centuries old traditional craft looks set to continue for many years to come.

Rathcoole Inn 2013

Rathcoole Inn 2013

You can view the collection in Source here.


Jonathan Early 


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