Landy’s Bakery of Rathfarnham and Knocklyon

The Landy Family owned a bakery as well as a garage in Rathfarnham Village. They were members of Rathfarnham Parish Church (Church of Ireland) and this 1940s film was part of the bicentenary celebration of the church in 1995. Last year, the video was donated to South Dublin Libraries. It was transferred from the original 16mm cine film to video and then, in 2013 to DVD by South Dublin Libraries. Narration is by Beulah Landy (who worked in the bakery and married the boss’s son), and a fellow parishioner who both comment on the film scenes, which include views of the Dodder in flood, the old Landy’s Bakery in Rathfarnham Village, the building of the new factory on the Knocklyon Road, bread delivery trucks and queues for bread during the Emergency.

The video can be downloaded in Source.


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