Treasures from Source Digital Archive



Last year, we set about creating a digital collection of items relating to Ireland’s Revolutionary Period 1913 to 1922.

We contacted many institutions across the country and internationally and acquired seldom-seen photographs, digitised historically important documents and ephemera and photographed some rare and fascinating items from private collections.

These items are now available to view on our Digital Archive which also contains the entire history of the South Dublin County area in photographs, books, newspapers and maps. This is the first of a series of updates where we will showcase items of interest from the collection.

Here’s a unique addition to our archive, a cheque drawn on the Royal Bank of Ireland, dated 1914, signed by Patrick Pearse. The payee on the cheque is “Miss Byrne” who has endorsed the back of the cheque as “Mary Byrne”. She is mentioned in the last line of Pearse’s last letter to his mother.

Thanks to Joe Kane for the item.

Browse our Revolutionary Collection here:

Cheque signed by Patrick Pearse. Courtesy of Joe Kane



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