Treasures from Source Digital Archive – Poppet: The Countess’s Best Friend


Constance Gore-Booth. Rebel daughter of an Ascendancy family, she turned her back on her privileged upbringing by marrying a Polish Count and was thereafter known as Countess Markievicz.

She helped in the Liberty Hall soup kitchen during the Lockout, and later founded Na Fianna – a group of Republican boy scouts that trained with firearms, drilled, practiced signalling and learned first-aid. She held the rank of Staff Lieutenant in the Citizen Army, and fought with distinction during the 1916 Rising. She was saved from the British Army firing squad because of the fear of a backlash if a woman were to be executed.

She was famously a dog-lover (her cocker spaniel’s name was “Poppet”), and evidently a law-abiding owner. 25 days before the 1916 Rising she renewed her dog licence:

To the rear of the licence are helpful hints on identifying “Madness in Dogs”:


Here she is in a studio portrait with Poppet and two unidentified men:

A bronze statue of Countess Markievicz stands outside the swimming pool in Townsend Street that bears her name. At her feet stands her faithful canine friend:



Thanks to the Defence Forces’ Military Archives ( ) for the dog licence.

Also thanks to Kilmainham Gaol Museum ( ) for the studio photograph
Browse our Revolutionary Collection here:



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