O’Connell Street destroyed again. Illustrated London News.


On this day in 1922, the Illustrated London News published this account of the destruction of O’Connell Street for the second time – this time by Free State Forces, using artillery against Anti-Treaty “Irregulars” who had taken over buildings near the Gresham.


Accompanying the main view from Nelson’s Pillar, there are two more photos (enlarged below), one showing the remains of the Gresham:


The other is captioned as having been taken outside the General Post Office – although the premises bear no resemblance to any part of the GPO then or now:


Partly obscured by the soldier on the left, eagle-eyed readers will be surprised to see the name “An Post” being used 62 years before the name was adopted as the name for the successor to the Department of Posts and Telegraphs!

Of course in this case it simply means “Post” in the general sense.

Also visible on either side of the letterboxes is “S E” for”Saorstát Éireann”.

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Page from the Illustrated London News reproduced with thanks to the Defence Forces Military Archive.


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