Clondalkin Echo and Home Video

ce2The connection is not immediately apparent at first, but sometimes Local Studies can turn up some surprising reminders of how things were done long ago (but still within our lifetimes), and how dramatically our lives have changed since. We were recently donated the very first copy of the “Clondalkin Echo” The inaugural edition went to press in July 1982 and included some brilliantly nostalgic articles and advertisements.

Today, in the age of Netflix, we think nothing of being able to view films without leaving our seats, never mind our houses. Viewing films in the home in the 1980s involved traipsing to the nearest video shop and renting films by the day. There was even a fine for returning a tape without it being rewound.

According to the 1982 Echo, Clondalkin residents had their local rental shop, Electro Vision in Main Street Clondalkin. They rented not only videotapes, but also the means to play them. The video recorder in the ad is the impressively futuristically-titled Nordmende Video-Vision Spectra V200, complete with top loading video slot and reassuringly chunky buttons to press…


Meanwhile, County Town and Video, in the Tallaght Town Centre, were selling the Ferguson 3V23 recorder reduced from an eye-watering £1,179 (€1,497) to a slightly less startling £879 (€1,116)! Note the list of “Just Arrived” films…


Truly different times.

See the entire newspaper here:

Search the entire Source archive here:


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