Cunard steamships, Christmas 1913

In the Christmas Daily Freeman (covered in our last post) published exactly 105 years ago today, among the ads for festive goods there is a small unassuming advertisement for the Cunard shipping company. It details the ships that traversed the Atlantic at the time, and includes the ill-fated RMS Lusitania, which was to be torpedoed... Continue Reading →


Esker New (Old) Cemetery

  Taphophilia: from the Greek “Taphos” (Tomb) is a word recently coined to describe a cemetery enthusiast. There are many manifestations of the syndrome. It can encompass Photography, genealogy, taking rubbings of headstones, casual mindful wandering among the monuments while reading the inscriptions are all symptoms. Such activities could be classified as morbid, but it... Continue Reading →

The 1907 Irish International Exhibition

A casual observer might see this photograph and assume it was taken during the period of the Raj in British Colonial India. Perhaps a marble temple? Closer inspection reveals an abundance of distinctly non-Indian heavy clothing and a familiar-looking tram at left sporting a destination of Ballsbridge. Actually made of fibrous plaster, the structure was... Continue Reading →

Stunning New Drone Footage of the Hell Fire Club

The Hell Fire Club is undoubtedly one of the most famous landmarks on the Dublin Mountains skyline, but this stunning new drone footage from Rob Clifford Video gives a whole new perspective on it. As well as the fantastic views over the city, the video clearly shows evidence of the ancient past of the site which was originally a... Continue Reading →

Manchester Guardian – Rare 1916 Images now online.

The early 20th century saw the beginning of the soon-to-be widespread use of photography in newspapers and periodicals. Magazines such as The Sphere, Irish Life and the Illustrated London News brought pictorial accounts of news from distant lands into people’s homes, and the photographs alongside the text enhanced the readers' experience enabling them to “see”... Continue Reading →

Landy’s Bakery of Rathfarnham and Knocklyon

The Landy Family owned a bakery as well as a garage in Rathfarnham Village. They were members of Rathfarnham Parish Church (Church of Ireland) and this 1940s film was part of the bicentenary celebration of the church in 1995. Last year, the video was donated to South Dublin Libraries. It was transferred from the original... Continue Reading →

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