Spooky South Dublin

As we near 31st October, it's time to dust off the ghost story books and spook ourselves a little! The legends surrounding the Hell Fire Club are probably South Dublin's most famous chilling tales,  but there are plenty of other ghoulish stories to get you in the mood for Halloween.  The Ghost of Old Bawn... Continue Reading →


The 1787 Explosion at Corkagh Gunpowder Mills

The gunpowder mills on Corkagh Estate, active during the 18th and 19th centuries, were regarded as a nationally important centre for the production of gunpowder and provided employment for many local people. The reasonably intact remains of four gunpowder mills are to be found in Kilmatead, along with two mill ponds. Some of the other buildings... Continue Reading →

Corkagh House and Demesne

One of the treasures of South Dublin County is Corkagh Park, 300 acres of parkland adjacent to the Naas Road and Clondalkin Village. Although thousands use the public amenity every week, it’s probably that few know of its long and varied history. The Finlay and Colley families owned the property from the 18th Century until... Continue Reading →

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