Body Snatchers at Cruagh and Saggart

Body snatching was a macabre but very lucrative business in eighteenth and nineteenth century Dublin. Dead bodies were essential for Dublin anatomy schools and the Royal College of Surgeons to carry out their medical research and training, and there was a roaring trade in corpses for Dublin’s less discerning or sensitive businessmen. Adult bodies fetched... Continue Reading →


Haunted Happenings at Killakee

On the Killakee Road, across the road from the site of Killakee House, the former home of the Massys, are the steward’s house and stables. This House was built around 1765 by the Conolly family of Castletown as a hunting lodge. In the early part of the twentieth century, the house was visited regularly by... Continue Reading →

Spooky South Dublin

As we near 31st October, it's time to dust off the ghost story books and spook ourselves a little! The legends surrounding the Hell Fire Club are probably South Dublin's most famous chilling tales,  but there are plenty of other ghoulish stories to get you in the mood for Halloween.  The Ghost of Old Bawn... Continue Reading →

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