1916 Rising Lecture Series

Dr. Miriam Moffitt of the Department of History, NUI Maynooth, will give a series of eight lectures on the 1916 Rising every Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. from 2nd May to 20th June 2012 at the County Library, Tallaght.

Wednesday 2nd May: The Growth of Irish-Ireland

The first lecture details the growth of the Irish-Ireland movement from the establishment of the Gaelic Athletic Association (1884) and the Gaelic League (1893) which promoted Irish language and culture. The secret infiltration of these cultural movements by the Irish Republican Brotherhood is explained, as is the establishment of other, more overtly political associations such as Cumann na nGaedheall (1900), Inghinidhe na hÉireann (1900) and Fianna Éireann (1909).

Wednesday 9th May: The Irish Volunteers and the Ulster Volunteers

Lecture 2 examines Ulster’s opposition to Home Rule, exploring the reasons underlying this. The establishment of the Ulster Volunteer Force (1912) and the signing of the Ulster Covenant (September 1912) is outlined and also the consequent foundation of the Irish Volunteers (1913). The escalation of these rival paramilitary forces is explained. The impact of the outbreak of World War I (August 1914) on these organisations is examined, as is the formation and growth of the Irish Citizens Army.

Wednesday 16th May: Planning the Rising, Part I

Differing attitudes to World War I caused a split in the Irish Volunteers, with some enlisting in the British Army (John Redmond’s National Volunteers) and others withholding support from Britain (Eoin MacNeill’s Irish Volunteers). The subsequent growth of MacNeill’s Irish Volunteers and the establishment within this grouping of a secret Military Council, intent on instigating a rising against Britain, is examined.

Wednesday 23rd May: Planning the Rising, Part II

The formation of plans for a Rising at Easter 1916, and their partial unravelling is the focus of this lecture.

Wednesday 30th May: The Rising in Dublin

The events of Rising, which began in Dublin when Patrick Pearse proclaimed an Irish Republic on Easter Monday, are explored in this lecture. Experiences throughout the week at the various locations of activity are outlined, as is the British response. The support or otherwise of Dublin’s citizens for the Rising is also examined.

Wednesday 6th June: The Rising in the Provinces *POSTPONED until 13th June*

Wednesday 13th June: The Rising in the Provinces

This lecture looks at the manner in which the planned rebellion of Easter 1916 was carried out in the provinces, both in places were a rising of sorts took place and were planned risings were cancelled.

Wednesday 20th June: The Surrender

By Friday of Easter Week, it was clear to the rebels in the centre of Dublin that the battle was being lost and that the civilian loss of life could not be conscienced. The surrender of the rebels and their subsequent imprisonment is outlined, as is the execution of the leaders. The initial reaction of the Irish people to the Rising, and the manner in which they experienced a growing resentment towards the British response to the Rising is outlined.

Wednesday 27th June: The Aftermath

The Irish response to the Rising is further explored in the final lecture, explaining the manner in which the attitude of the people changed during the weeks and months after the event.

All lectures are free and all are welcome!  Booking is not necessary and it is not required to attend the full series.


21/5/12 EDIT: Please note that the lecture on 6th June is cancelled, and lectures will now run until Wednesday 27th June.


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